Bucket Brigade

March 9, 2012


A few nights ago I attended an event unlike anything I have ever even had knowledge of.  A friend of mine, who was actually my piano teacher when I was seven, performed as a singer in a cabaret setting.  What was unusual about this you ask?  Well, for starters, she is not a professional singer and for finishers it was not a real cabaret.  My friend Lois, whose vintage is a hop and a skip ahead of mine, decided to fulfill a bucket list item.  She wanted to sing floozy, bluesy love songs to a room full of people while a sexy piano danced tinkley notes around her sweet serenade.   So she did.  She fashioned  a community arts center as her venue, recruited a seasoned pianist, found the perfect black dress, invited her nearest and dearest fifty friends and sang her heart out.  Table cloths and wine polished it all off.  Keep in mind that this woman is a looker.   Statuesque and dignified, she stood in the front of the dusky room sporting a halo of lush silvery blond locks, piercing blue eyes, and full, pouty lips that dripped songs like honey.  Her audience was enchanted.  We sang along, she made jokes.  We applauded and she shot us a grin.  We threw her a whistle and she snickered with joy.   All in all, the evening was more than a sentimental moment for her.  For any of us who ever had a dream, and that is all of us, it was inspiring.  It was invigorating to see this woman who is so full of life and so full of joy giving it all she’s got so that she could live a dream for a night.  Boy oh boy.  It made me wonder how many of us left the parking lot that night thinking about our own dreams, desires and ambitions that had never been realized.  How many people drove down the road on their way home and thought, “Hmmm, maybe I could…”  And maybe we could. Who is to say that one of us cannot find a way to see Paris in the springtime.  Why could one of us not set a compass on learning to tap dance, or building a canoe or (weird, but this really is one of mine) attending a bris. Hopefully, each of us who listened to Lois croon that night considered what we would do if only we could.   Hmmmm….what if…..what if?  We should all ponder such possibilities, and if Lois didn’t crank our engines on that front, then nothing will.  So congratulations Lois.  And thank you for waking up a little piece within each of us that may otherwise have never been stirred.


One Response to “Bucket Brigade”

  1. Lois said

    DG…how wonderful it is for you to write about me and make it sound so great! I hadn’t thought that I would, perhaps, make some folks think about pursuing their “bucket list” items but I hope I did or at least ponder getting down to the fun things you’ve always wanted to try. I’ve had a few that I thought I’d like to do and tried it and then found it wasn’t what I thought it was. Tuesday night, however, was NOT one of those nights. You have such a way with words and making the whole event to magical. It was to me, and I cannot tell you how much it meant for me to look into the audience and see your beautiful self! Thank you for blogging about me and for giving me the wonderful love and support that you always do.
    God has richly blest me with great friends like you! Love you.

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