Dirty Minds

January 17, 2016

So, this is the deal. None of us ever really knows what goes on in the hearts and minds of others. We can proclaim this or that, loudly or softly, but the world really never knows what we are thinking, believing, supporting or disparaging internally. What we do know for sure, is how those around us behave. Other people’s behavior affects the world around them but, thoughts alone? Not so much. That is why, for me, 2016 is going to be the year of

I Don’t Care What You Believe

If you treat other people with respect, if you consider others over your self, if you speak to others more gently than they way they speak to you, if you live authentically, if you treat everyone with dignity-from the banker who has control over your mortgage to the bar tender whose tip you control- if you offer others opportunities to cultivate their own character…then you win an I Don’t Care What You Believe gold star.

If you loudly and self righteously proclaim Christian this and Christian that, yet belittle another person’s honest faith journey, if you only fully approve of those who fall into your own demographic and gene pool, yet berate faith traditions, cultures, languages, ethnicities, lifestyles, habits, and struggles about which you are ignorant, if you judge before you pray, then congratulations, you win the Daily Double! in the I Don’t Care What You Believe category.

There. I said it. So, Happy New Year. I give you my blessing in thinking bad thoughts all you want. After all, they gotta live somewhere. Better that they stay in your head than emerge through your hands, feet and mouth.

“Onward!”, said Good Behavior.
“Forge ahead!”, said Good Deeds!
“Allow me!”, said Helping Hands.

There! Done. Keep on trucking, Naughty Minds. Knock yourself out.


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